You Can Freeze That? A Better Way to Save

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Time to fill the freezer drawer! Stocking up on groceries? Of course you know you can freeze leftovers, but you might be surprised how you can prolong the life of many grocery items. My little Puccini’s all ears when it comes to food of any kind!

·         Milk: If you’re freezing it in the cartoon, pour a bit out to allow for some expansion in the freezer.

·         Lemons & Limes: You can freeze them whole and defrost when needed.

·         Nuts: Since nuts don’t have a long shelf life, seal them in a plastic bag and freeze.

·         Herbs: Chop them up and put into ice trays. Add water and freeze.

·         Cheese & Butter: Some cheeses freeze well, just wrap tightly.

·         Wine: Yep, some people even freeze wine!

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