Grocery Delivery Tips

Increase Your Odds of Getting a Delivery with These Tips!

It can be frustrating spending time online, building out a grocery order, only to find no available deliveries! My little Pucchini is waiting and waiting for his bones. Here are a few tips to help you navigate your online ordering process.

1) If there are no available delivery times, keep the items in the cart! Don’t start over with your order, just refresh the page. I did this recently and after about ten minutes I locked in a delivery.  

2)  Check with the smaller, local markets in your area to see if they will deliver. Another option is to give them the order and payment over the phone and do a drive by pick-up. 

3)  If you haven’t already, check out farm produce delivery services. I use one, and it has made a significant difference in keeping the refrigerator stocked. Many of these services also offer items outside of produce. The service I use has just about everything I would find at a market.

4) Try to secure a delivery time during non-peak hours. After midnight or early in the morning traffic to the site is much less so you may have more luck.

5)   There is a good chance items will be out of stock. You may want to add a few extra items that could be frozen or have a longer shelf life like soups and beans.

You most likely won’t be able to make changes other than to cancel once you click submit order. So, have a plan before you shop!

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