Making Sure You Make Ends Meet

Better Ways to Save Community: Helping you, help yourself, so you can help others

It’s the beginning of the month and that means bills are due, and right now many of us might not have the resources to make ends meet. There are things you can do that will help you this month and the months that follow. My little Puccini often sits on my lap when I work.

Because of the pandemic, many companies are being flexible about due dates, but you MUST call them to make sure. If you anticipate needing help: do this ASAP!

  • Mortgage companies and landlords: Check your lender’s website. Many have already set up plans for people having problems. If you don’t think you will be able to make rent, check in with your landlord to see if you can postpone your payment. Keep in mind you will still owe what is due.

  • Utilities: Check online or call your gas & electric, water, garbage and internet services about delaying payment.

  • Insurance: Many car, home and medical insurers also have plans in place to help, check their websites or make the call. State Farm Insurance is asking their customers to call and talk with their agent if they have been affected financially by COVID 19.

  • Credit Cards: Many people are counting on their credit cards to help them through the next few months. Call your credit card companies to set up payment plans or delayed payments without any fees or additional interest. Many of these creditors are making exceptions and working with their customers.

  • Get the name or employee ID number of the person you spoke with. Mark on your calendar with the new payment schedule.

    These small changes could add up to big savings, and peace of mind. We are taking control of our finances!


    Please share with your friends and family, and share your money saving ideas to us!