Start Saving on Groceries

Better Ways to Save: Helping you, help yourself, so you can help others

These days most of us are eating at home, like my rescue dog Puccini and his friends here.

Let’s remember that making a list and planning menus before going to the store can save a huge amount of waste. Use these four tips to slash your grocery bill by up to 50%.
• Build your menu around what is on sale. Find the weekly deals in store mailers or online. Sales usually start on Wednesdays.
• Join the store's free loyalty program. This will save you the most money. You can also download their app.
• Find matching coupons to save more at sites like and your favorite brands website.
• If a sale item you want is out of stock, ask for a rain check. That means when the item comes back in stock, you will get it at the sale price.